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We Thank Our Past Clients For The Kind Words.....

Here are some "Testimonials and Reviews" that we've received from our clients over the years and we love to share them with you, please read below. Our goal is to help people change and improve their lives, we hope that we can help you do the same. 


Royce D.  -  Lakewood and Torrance

"We have been working with the fabulous team of Manny & Marie Archondo for almost over 5 years now in buying our first condo, selling it and then buying our first SFR. Manny & Marie makes working with them feel less a business and more of an extended long term relationship.
Manny & Marie  worked with us to purchase our first dream condo making the first time experience completely stress free. Manny & Marie were extremely patient working with us as new home-buyers who only had a basic idea of what we wanted. They encouraged us to look at all options and set us up with a program that showed us all residences that were within our price range and in our preferred geographic areas. With Manny & Marie we never felt as if we were missing out on any homes. We sold our Condo with Manny & Marie who once again made the painful process of showings, decorating, negotiations, etc. a painless invisible process we never even felt. We continued to work with the wonderful duo to buy our first SFR and will continue to work with them for any future purchases/sales.
What is even more appealing with Manny & Marie Archondo is their extensive knowledge of the Los Angeles area and its Counties along with the intricacies of first time purchases, FHA, short sales and the different types of real estate transactions that would make my head spin without the proper guidance of Manny & Marie. You couldn't ask for a more detail-oriented and dedicated partnership from start to finish. Any speed bumps along the way due to mortgage loans, contingencies, negotiations, home inspection and delays were smoothed and sorted out by Manny & Marie beyond expectations who assisted us in dealing with all types of real estate dealings. Their extensive knowledge on the best mortgage financiers was the icing on the cake as our mortgage finance application each time was so smooth that we didn't even feel we applied for a loan – all thanks to Manny & Marie. "
I would highly recommend utilizing the services of Manny & Marie Archondo in your buying and/or selling experience. The relation with Manny & Marie does not close when your deal closes but continues on. (Zillow)

Robert C.  -  Rancho Palos Verdes

Manny & Marie Archondo are the best Real Estate agents in the South Bay Area. Their expertise in handling complex real estate is overwhelming. They take great consideration in your personal and real estate needs. They took me to all of the areas that I suggested, even taking us to communities in  Orange County. I have recently worked with them trying to close a real estate purchase where I had previously failed before. Their determination and desire to get me into my dream house was the best that I could ever ask. They were able to work with the selling agent and homeowner to accept my proposal and offer to buy the property that I am in today. They also worked with my lender to process all of the paperwork and escrow papers to make the deal happen even though I came in late to purchase the home. If you want honesty, integrity, and true professional real estate experts I would advise you to use Manny & Marie Ochondo. Sincerely, A Satisfied Home Owner" (Zillow)

R J Linville.  -  Harbor City

"Before choosing a real estate agent, I interviewed 5 firms. I was interested in how they promoted their listings, how the sales price was determined, comps in the area and above all their integrity and honesty with their clients. 
I met with Manny and Marie in my home. I was concerned that my home which was located near railroad tracks and commercial areas would be priced low and difficult to sell. Manny and Marie spent considerable time answering my questions; providing objective data on their sales and sales in the area; describing how they would market my home; and going over the process including a timeline. Manny and Marie made the process easy and understood that I had been in my home for 45 years and needed advise and guidance. Marie provided the staging including bringing in their own props (saving me money) and Manny had professional photographs taken for the listing. I was impressed by the listing and how quickly my home sold. I received 4 offers at asking price or above  in less than a week. Manny and Marie walked me through every step of the closing process and assisted me through all the inspections and decisions. I have recently sent emails to all my friends back home recommending Manny and Marie Archondo and describing the rewarding experience. I can truthfully say that if I ever move back to California, I will contract with them to find me a new home. Thank you Manny and Marie!" (Quality Service Certification Survey)

Jamela C.  -   Inglewood

"Manny and Marie are sincere in helping folks find a suitable house. They are not pushy but are genuinely intuitive on the buyer's needs.  They are diligent in taking notes of the buyer's priorities.  They make time for questions, even on weekends.  This couple, even with thier success are grounded and humble.  They made us feel at ease with them because they have no airs.  they provided us with a lot of updated materials and aides which helped us in our decision in buying a property.  If you need a knowledgeable agent but who would not overwhelm you, Manny and Marie are just the people yu are looking for.  We highly recommend them as we are even sure to go to them again for our future realty opportunities".  (Zillow

Lori R.  - Calimesa

"We just finished the whole selling/buying process with Manny and Marie. All I can say is WOW! They both are extrely professional and knowledgeable in their field.  They got us everything we wanted out of the whole deal with no stress at all.  They handled every detail with the highest integrity. They are more than agents looking out for thieir clients, they are your friends. " (Yelp)

Ruben P.  -  Redondo Beach

"I've worked with Manny & Marie now for a few years, and they are a fantastic husband and wife real estate team. They know what their clients want, and they know how to get them what they want.  Their knowledge and expertise of real estate is through the roofm and their level of service absolutely outstanding.  There are very few people that I would entrust with the responsibility of buying/selling a home, and Manny & Marie are the top of that list." (Business Facebook)

Adriana H.  - Hawthorne 

"I highly recommend Manny and Marie to anyone purchasing a home. I had absolutely no experience with the purchasing process and they guided me through every step. They even picked me up to go see all the houses available! That's was so kind of them.  They answered all my questions al the time as a single parent at times I gave up but they were always there to make sure I was doing the right decision and finally I was able to purchase my first home 8/31/2016 I'm so happy!! Excellent service and professionalism the type of people you need when your ready to get your new home!!! Thank you for all your help". (Yelp)

Mario A.  -  Torrance

"The experience I've received purchasing my 11 unit apartment building was very good from beginning to end. They were were honest, clear and always had my best interest.  I truly recommend them!  (translated, Business Facebook)

Wonderlandwolf.  -  Long Beach

"Manny and Marie are an amazing team.  They are very proactive and really good at their job.  They helped us sell our home amazingly fast and for a good price.  I definitely would recommend them! (Zillow)

Gloria and Jose Luis - Torrance

"Dear Marie and Manny; I am writing to express our gratitude to you both for giving us the opportunity to experience the best real estate transaction of our lives.  Both my husband Jose Luis and I have purchased properties in the past, however we had not been treated with the courtesy and respect until now.  We appreciated your consistent guidance, and right-on advice during the entire process.  We felt very comfortable because you made us feel cared for by demonstrating that you had our best interest at hand. Manny took the time to personally drive us to every single property, he was very gracious and attentive to our questions.  As you know, this was the first investment property for Jose Luis and me, and I cannot stress enough our appreciation for your assistance with the purchase, but also for working beyond your limits to help us embrace the world of landlords with no reservations whatsoever.  We also appreciate you facilitating a network of contractors who can be trusted to remodel quickly and at reasonable cost.  This by far was the best transaction we’ve ever had.  You both are loyal to your customers and treat them like family.  We trust you wholeheartedly and highly recommend you both to any person looking for a stress-free purchase.  You both have made this entire experience a pleasant stage in our lives." (Zillow)

Jennifer R.- Torrance

 "Thank you, you're the best! I am so thankful for all that you have done for me. You are truly amazing. My property had been on the market, with a previous realtor, for about a year and half. After such time, he basically gave up on selling my soon to be foreclosed property which led me to felling hopeless and lost and I didn't know what to do. A close family told me I had to contact their previous realtors, Manny and Marie. I'm so thankful I made that phone call. I cannot fully describe how much of a weight was taken off my shoulders once I started working with Manny & Marie. Within seven months, they worked their magic and my property successfully went through escrow under a short sale. During the seven months, Manny and Marie kept me updated with new information and continuously walked me through the process(which my previous realtor neglected to do). Manny and Marie both understood my emotional unsettlement. Manny and Marie made a positive change in my life. They earned the trust of my family and myself. Thank you Manny and Marie! You are by far the best realtors in the South Bay!!" 

 Caroline and Lee - San Pedro

" You guys did a fantastic job. We appreciate your negotiating skills, we had a very difficult buyers and you guys protected us all the way. We feel we made the right decision hiring you. Thank you again."

 Robert and Elena - Redondo Beach

 "Thank you, Thank you! You stayed with us thru the entire 5 months until we found our house in this difficult and competitive market. We are finally home owner and we owe it all to you. Manny and Marie, you have been a tremendous support in our lives!! You're our family realtor, for sure! "

 Wai and Toan -Torrance

"Wai and I want to thank you for all your help and support in finding our dream home in Torrance. You have made the process of buying our very first home a pleasant, memorable and easy experience. We want to thank you for spending the long hours with us, lending us your expertise and guidance every step of the way. You have made us a very satisfied and happy new home owner! We look forward to working with you again. "

 Elisa and Jorge - Harbor City

"We feel very fortunate to have met you two. If it weren't for your help, we would not have been able to meet our goal. We had struggled for a long time and God gave us the opportunity to meet you. We thank you for everything and we hope to count on you in the future. Thank you."

 Bob M.- Manhattan Beach

 "Congratulation on your outstanding sales production! There is no wonder why you guys are recognized as one of the Top Producers in the area! We are extremely happy with you guys. We wish you and your valued clients continued growth and success in your future transactions. You guys deserve it!

 Tony L. - Torrance

 "You guys are really the 'Dream Team', talk about two for the price of one! I have never met any realtor that was as efficient as you guys. I'm glad we didn't use our past realtors. You guys were very different and you kept me in communication throughout the long process. Thank you for your hard work!

 Maynor and Elisa - Gardena

"The speedy RE/MAX Team - Thank you for helping us make our transition from selling our home and buying our new home in a smooth ride. Your advice and experience working as a team showed from day one, and made everything that we thought to be difficult into something easy. Your professionalism made the difference and it showed right away as soon as the sign for sale was up, the buyers started knocking at the door. One of the many things that we liked the best is that there was always a smile on your face. You also know how to make your clients feel comfortable. There is no doubt that when it comes to experience, professionalism and friendliness, the Archondo Team is the best!"

 Antonio and Yanira - Hawthorne

"After a few days of waiting, which seemed like years, we finally obtained what we wished for the most: our own house! With great patience and hope our dream finally came true thanks to God and the help of our realtors Marie and Manny that helped us 100% in every step of the process. My wife is very happy and my three sons, each one in their own bedroom for now and in the future each one in their house. (three in a lot property). There are no words that can express how thankful we are to God and to this precious couple that helped us make our dream come true. I would recommend them to any one that is dreaming big, too. Thank you. "

 Elias and Emelda - Hawthorne

"We're completely thankful and surprised in the way and in the effort that you helped us. After having tried for about one year with five different real estate representatives, I had already lost faith. You guys gave me that faith back and all I can say is thank you because you guys really care about your clients. I recommend you to any one that is trying to purchase a home. We're a very satisfied and thankful client. "

 Ivan and Martha - San Pedro

"During this purchase that we were able to make, we were pleased to work with Manny and Marie Archondo. Your work is very professional and we will recommend you to anyone. My wife Martha and I are very satisfied and wish to continue a good long lasting friendship with you two. Thank you very much."

 Hermelinda J.- Carson

"I'm very satisfied with the work that you guys did for me. I had already made up my mind that I was never going to be able to buy a home. I had been trying with different RE/MAX representatives for two years and no one had been able to make my dreams come true. Thanks to you guys my dream finally came true! I hope that you guys continue doing the great job you have been doing. There are many families like me who need you."  

 Gustavo and Elena - Gardena

"Thank you, Archondo family, for the time and help. Thanks to your help we were able to make our dream come true. We appreciate your service and we hope that when we make our next purchase we can be lucky enough to count on you. Many thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all our help. "

 Ignacio and Shantal - Gardena

"Thank you very much to the Archondo team for the rapid service that you provided us. We have dealt with more than two real estate agents and this is the first time that we are 100% Satisfied. Your help is really appreciated. You will continue to hear from us. Thank you very much! "

Gladdys and Peter - Hawthorne

"We want to take a moment to thank and appreciate your honesty, patience and calmness during the selling of our home. It was a difficult task in this market but everything went smoothly without us giving up, due to your understanding and professional attitude. We thank you very much and we'll love to continue to do business with you guys. Keep up your honesty and respect for your clients, it is much needed in this market. "

Vicky and family -Lawndale

" I just wanted to thank both of you for all the time and effort you put in to helping us find our new home. You are a great team and we could not have done it without you. Thanks so much! "

 Diego and Lupe -Wilmington

"We have been treated in a really kind manner by Manny and Marie Archondo during our buying process. We are very happy with the service we have received. We have no words to explain how grateful we are for all of your services. Thank you for helping us make our dreams come true. "

 Bill and Mirna -Carson

"I want to commend the dream team of RE/MAX Manny and Marie Archondo for their professionalism and dedication to helping us achieve our goal. Thank you very much!!"

 Jodie and Marcos - Gardena

"We never thought that we would be able to purchase property. You made it so easy. You were right there for us in a lot of ways, above and beyond your responsibilities as our real estate agents. We never knew how easy it would be and although it was normal to go through the bumps stumbling blocks in the loan process. You helped us through the stress and now we are home owners. Thank you so much. You are one of a kind."

 Henry and Tessy - Harbor City

"We are thankful that we found Manny and Marie and we found the perfect house for our family. If not for them, we would have not been able to find our dream house. We will tell our friends about you guys! Thank you very much."

 Susana P.- Los Angeles

"We put our property in the market twice before meeting Manny & Marie with other agents. I got recommend by them from a co-worker who loved the experience of working with them. I was hesitant at first but later understood why my property did not sell. They helped me to take care of all the problems and I was very surprised that it sold quickly. Sometime it is the agent that makes the difference. I was able to sell it for more than what I thought. How grateful do you think I feel? Wow!"

Ceasar and Naomi - Torrance

"You certainly made our dreams come true when you helped us find our beautiful home! You both worked very hard and I will recommend you to any one, any time. Not all realtors are as honest and caring like you guys were with us. Thank you."

 Jerry H. - Torrance

"I really appreciate that through my difficult transition in selling my house in Arizona and moving to the Torrance area, you have made it so easy for me. I really appreciate your Hard Work, dedication and experience."

 Alicia and Tony - Redondo Beach

"Thank you so much for finding us the perfect house! We were amazed to sell our existing house so quick and at the price we wanted. All your extra efforts paid off. A Million Thanks!"

 Dorothea L.- Palos Verdes

"We are grateful for the ease which we had for the whole process from listing thru escrow. We had not expected the sale to go so rapidly and efficiently in today's market. Again, thank you for your efforts!"

 Jaime and Irma - Los Angeles

”At this time I can say that the process of finding my new home was easy and smooth but the hard thing was in finding people like Manny & Marie that not only listen and understood us but also know what they are doing!"

 Elizabeth B.- Carson

" The pledge for Manny and Marie to be the 'Real Estate Leaders' has been completely fulfilled in my case. I went through a bitter divorce and I had to sell my house. The expeditious sale, having the initial asking price and the easy of the process through one of the most difficult time in my life, I could not ask for any other Realtors. Due to their negotiation skills, detail to excellence, professionalism and taking care of serious business, I feel, they were there to take care of me when I sold my home and needed someone to help me. There are no other realtors for me. "

Yesenia L. - Long Beach
"Amazing team, always available, answered all my questions, took their time to go over details, and were very helpful in finging a home. I will definetely work with them again." (Yelp)